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Sig Sauer Black Nitron, 9mm, 3.6" Barrel 320SCR-9-B

SKU: 320SCR-9-B

Sig Sauer Black Nitron, 9mm, 3.6" Barrel 320SCR-9-B

SKU 320SCR-9-B

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The Sig Sauer P320 Subcompact 9mm pistol is a modular, striker-fired handgun designed with a subcompact frame that is ideal for concealment or small-handed shooters. For improved accuracy, the P320 features a smooth and crisp trigger, contrast sights and an accessory rail. It is the ideal configuration in the series that easily hides and is capable of going anywhere. It weighs in at only 25-ounces empty, holds 12- rounds in the high capacity magazine and has a barrel length of 3.6- inches. A set of "Contrast" (3- dot white outline) sights ride on top of the slide, are highly visible, easy to use and track well.

Striker fired pistols have enjoyed great popularity due to the nature of their trigger operation. One of the big benefits is the striker trigger pull tends to be much shorter and lighter in terms of travel and weight than double action, hammer fired guns. This is due to the fact that most striker pistols are partially pre-cocked when the slide is cycled, meaning the trigger has to do less work.

Less work for a shooter's trigger finger typically results in greater accuracy down range. Unlike the tabbed trigger safety of a Glock, the Sig Sauer P320 has a smooth trigger face-- which is more comfortable to shoot during extended range sessions. It has ambidextrous magazine and slide releases for easy operation while firing from either strong or weak hand, and with right or left handed shooters.

It carries a stainless steel slide that sits atop a durable polymer frame whose surface texture provides a secure grasp when drawing or firing the pistol. It has just the right amount of stippling to add solid traction without abrading the hand. With the grip angle of a 1911 and the perfect amount of palm sell, the pistol maintains a more natural vertical hand orientation that manages recoil extremely well.

The Sig Sauer P320 has a black Nitron slide that is extremely corrosion plus wear resistant. In case you are unfamiliar with Nitron, this is Sig's term for the Ionbond finish that is administered at a specialty coating company's third party facility. Ionbond is a firearms finish that is applied through a Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) process. This involves the depositing of diamond-like carbon coatings via a vacuum, and results in a finish that will provide years of protection against wear while retaining a nice appearance.

One of the more unique features of the P320 is the ability to disassemble the pistol and remove the slide without having to pull the trigger to get it apart. This is accomplished via a single rotating lever located on the left side of the frame. Simply triple check to make sure the weapon is unloaded, lock the slide to the rear, rotate the lever down and the slide effortlessly separates from the frame.

The trigger pull is butter smooth and listed at 5.5-6.5 pounds.

  • Caliber:9mm
  • Weight:25.1oz
  • Action:Double action
  • Safety:3-point takedown safety system, striker safety, disconnect safety
  • Sights:Contrast Sights
  • Magazines Included:2 Magazines
  • Magazine Capacity:12rd
  • Grips:Polymer grip module
  • Slide Finish:Black Nitron
  • Frame Finish:Black Nitron
  • Pistol Caliber:9mm
  • Pistol Action:Double Action/Single Action
  • UPC798681513512
  • MPN320SCR-9-B

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