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ATN 6015 Night Vision Monoculars

The ATN 6015 night vision monocular is a high quality night vision device with features and capabilities far beyond basic Generation 1 and Generation 2 night vision devices. The 6015 line of night vision monoculars is professional grade, designed for security and law enforcement applications. All 6015 night vision monoculars are completely waterproof, include infrared illuminators, and utilize ATN’s Proshield lens coating for extended life and protection against dust, dirt, and other undesirable environmental factors. All units comply with MIL-STD-810, meaning they are rugged enough for military use and can be mounted on PAGST and MICH helmets.

All ATN 6015 night vision devices are regulated by the US State Department and are only for sale within the United States. International customers who want to purchase an ATN night vision monocular should browse our selection of ATN MO4 Night Vision or ATN Night Storm Night Vision. Please note that not all models can be exported.

Available ATN 6015 Night Vision Models

  • ATN 6015-HPT: Generation 2+ night vision utilizing High Performance Tubes, a slightly improved Generation 2 technology, for increases in picture quality.
  • ATN 6015-WPT: White Phosphor Technology is a derivative of Generation 2 night vision that renders as black and white instead of the standard green that night vision is known for. A higher quality image than Generation 2 night vision, but not as high quality as Generation 3.
  • ATN 6015-3: Generation 3 Image Intensifier Tubes provide clarity and light transmission far above that of Generation 1 and Generation 2 night vision.
  • ATN 6015-3A: Generation 3A tubes are the best of Generation 3, providing a slight improvement without a large increase in cost.
  • ATN 6015-3P: Utilizing Pinnacle Image Intensifier Tubes, this night vision monocular is designed to function in light polluted or high light situations, such as urban combat.
  • ATN 6015-4: ATN’s top of the line Generation 4 monocular, utilizing Autogated/Filmless Image Intensifier Tubes for unmatched clarity, light transmission, and a higher signal to noise ratio than any other generation of night vision.
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